Jacob Liverman

I am dedicated to our responsibility for the planet and insist on beauty: values I see reflected in a glass of real wine and in the spirit behind it.

My passion for wine was first sparked by the vital beauty of natural wines. Created from a respectful balance of human hands and nature, brought together as art; they can demand our attention or simply enhance a meal, a reunion, a book. Wine has become another way for me to connect with nature and spirituality.

The best part of my job is sharing this passion. When I present a natural wine to the public, and they “get it” — perhaps for the first time — I feel like I am doing my part to share beauty and to galvanize the importance of our responsibility to our planet. Maybe I am self-aggrandizing my impact, but these are the sort of gymnastics one must do these days!

In my spare time I hike, write poetry and fiction, and help with the family business—chimney sweeping.