David Mitchell

After more than a decade of experience in wine distribution, I felt prepared to start a new import and wholesale company, Mise. My goal has been to develop an import company that is focused exclusively on “real wine.”

Over time, I have come to realize that the wines I love share three common elements. These are natural farming, small production, and minimal interventions both in the vineyard and cellar. These elements are what make a wine “real.”

Mise is dedicated to wines that have these important elements.

A second goal has been to create a company that allows me to collaborate with the many friends in the industry who have supported me all these years and share my passion. Mise represents an effort to bring the “best and brightest” wine professionals together, to allow them to share their unique insights and enthusiasm, and to support the development of a dynamic portfolio of iconic producers. The Mise portfolio is comprised of wines made by like–minded growers and are of the highest quality.

In addition, I believe it is important that the wines be a great match for the unique and local markets that make up Massachusetts. Mise imports small amounts of wine, under temperature control, direct from each grower’s cellar to our warehouse in Newton. Each wine we sell represents a personal challenge — to be both the highest level in quality, and also represent true value for the end consumer. Enjoy!

-David Mitchell