Corey Davison

Corey came to Mise after a decade as a high school history teacher, during which he developed a love of travel and exploration. When the pandemic sapped the joy from teaching, he found himself turning to wine – both the consumption and production of it – to be an outlet to continue the kind of engagement with history, culture, tradition, and land that he’d missed.

During this same time, Corey also became intensely focused on the ever-accelerating climate crisis; wine, with its uniquely inextricable affiliation with provenance, felt to be a particularly special agricultural product to act as a tool for encouraging ecologically responsible production and consumption.

As much as Corey enjoys sharing wine with his friends and partner and the transportive powers of a great bottle, wine for him is as much about the people as it is the product. He feels genuinely privileged to represent Mise’s incredible producers and the ways their delicious wines reflect devoted attention to the health of their vines, soils, and ecological systems.