Our Growers

It’s obvious  –  great wine begins in the vineyards.

This is why we prefer the term “grower”. You can’t make good wine without beginning with great material. And all our growers are passionate about growing the best grapes possible.

Organic, Biodynamic, Natural, etc…our growers are trying to get the most expression from each grape, while changing them the least. They are working with their unique ecosystems, terroirs, and the vintage to make the best wines possible. This also means using indigenous yeasts during fermentation.

These wineries are small by current standards – family-run, worked by hand in the vineyards and the cellar which we feel brings an ethos and an attention to detail that mechanization can’t match. From prunings in dreary, dormant winters, to painstaking harvests, and patient winemaking; each step is guided by hand. It seems only fitting to represent and sell these special wines the same way.