Caitlin Harrison

Caitlin Harrison excitedly joined the Mise team in December of 2013 after 12 years

spent in hospitality left her wanting to connect with wine in a deeper way. Her

passion for hospitality, however, took her far and wide.

In 2007, she traveled to the Bay Area of California and worked at Wood Tavern, a

cozy neighbor restaurant in Oakland, where she first gained the discipline of

studying wine and had unlimited access to wine country (where she may have

learned that she prefers French wine). Upon arriving back to the East Coast, Caitlin

started working at Eastern Standard Kitchen + Drinks in Kenmore Square and

became enthralled with the ideals of their particular educational culture – one that

inspired the staff to be educated in their offerings and proud of their ability to serve

with grace and effortlessness in a high volume setting because of their knowledge.

In 2010, Caitlin moved to back to her roots in the Berkshires and truly cultivated her

love for old world, “real” wine from her experiences buying for Mezze Bistro and Bar

in Williamstown. To her, natural wines seemed most fitting alongside farm foods

from the local landscapes and the stories of their production seemed to fit most

appropriately with the ethos of Mezze. Upon departure from the restaurant world,

Caitlin traveled to Mainz-Ebersheim in the Rheinhessen of Germany to make wine at

Weingut Eva Vollmer.

Caitlin believes that sharing the wines of Mise with her community has furthered

the conversation of finding the truly better wine for the greater good. She has been

met with great enthusiasm from the buyers in Berkshires and hopes that Mise’s

presence in this cultural area continues to be met with such regard and interest.